About Our Firm

  Family Law and Mediation

ToniAnn Grande, PC is no ordinary matrimonial law firm.  Before they devoted their careers to family law, ToniAnn Grande and her colleague Natalie Reeves were corporate attorneys at one of the world’s most preeminent firms, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, where they worked on multibillion-dollar transactions featured on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal.  During these years, Ms. Grande and Ms. Reeves often heard from colleagues and friends that the attorneys representing them in family law matters lacked a depth of understanding of their businesses and portfolios. 

With their background, Ms. Grande and Ms. Reeves knew they could help individuals experiencing personal crises to navigate the often complex divisions of their marital estates.  Each of them joined the famed firm of Cohen Clair Lans Greifer & Thorpe LLP (formerly Cohen Lans LLP) where they represented high net worth individuals going through divorces, custody battles and prenuptial agreement negotiations.  

What does this mean for you?  Our attorneys have been trained by and worked with the leading lawyers in the corporate and matrimonial fields.  They have taken what they have learned and used it to build a premier practice in which they provide world class legal service at a significantly lower cost than that charged by larger firms.

The attorneys at ToniAnn Grande, PC care deeply about their clients.  That’s why they offer mediation and collaborative divorce for those who don’t want to go through litigation.  That’s why they try to negotiate settlements for all their clients.  That’s why they have no fear of going to trial because they recognize that not all cases can be settled.  That’s why they keep their overhead low so that unnecessary charges are not funneled down to clients.  Most importantly, that’s why they are always honest with their clients and do not recommend strategies that are likely to fail. 

Divorce is one of life’s most devastating events: You need attorneys you can trust.